Zotrim Side Effects

The US Food and Drug Administration have taken cognizance of the 32 deaths caused by liver damage in patients taking Xenical. Now, the patients are looking for more natural alternatives.

For Joanna, hailing from Dorset, the plant based Zotim C is the best bet. Its three natural ingredients reduced her appetite and hunger, thereby allowing her to diet without any side effects.

According to her,” I just wanted to live a healthier life. I wanted to be more active and sporty and keep up with my children. I wanted to enjoy spending time with my husband and stop being tired all the time.”

With Zotrim usage, her urge for more food was controlled; she began feeling more satisfied, and stopped her frequent intake of food. But, instead of feeling tired or lethargic, she felt active, since Zortim contains energy booster Guarana.

It is another ingredient, Yerba Mate, that has also been proved to possess anti-obesity properties. The research has shown its regulating effect on the eating hormones, thereby reducing the weight gain. The findings will shortly be published in the journal “obesity”.

Putting the past behind her, she says,” I now want to learn to swim properly as I won’t feel self conscious in a swimsuit, and I want to take up salsa dancing!”

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