Does Zotrim Work

In a development that may have far reaching consequences, it has been discovered that a plant extract called yerba mate has anti-obesity features. The effects of the plant were tested on obese mice and the results are found to be positive.  The findings are a part of a recent research and are going to be published in the journal OBESITY.

The study found that the expression of several genes known to influence obesity, returned to their normal levels as a result of the extracts of the plant. It was also found that the cholesterol and blood glucose levels in the mice reduced to a considerable extent. This has lead scientists to believe that the same extracts when put to use in humans may have similar beneficial effects. In fact, Professor Anthony Leeds, a leading obesity researcher, is of the firm belief that the ingredients of the plant slowed down the weight-gain process in mice. It also had other positive influences like an improved blood lipid profile in addition to the weight-control. The plant extracts acted on adipose tissues to regulate several genes, thus explaining the mechanism responsible for the weight loss.

There is a weight-loss product in market by the name of Zotrim which uses yerba mate as its main ingredient. The use of yerba mate is complimented by extracts from guarana and damiana in the product. This confirms the usefulness of the plant and other natural extracts in weight-reduction. The already established drug has been through a prolonged examination. It has been found to be efficient to the extent that people who used it lost 11.2 lbs compared to those who used Placebo, who lost only 0.7 lbs. It gives you the feeling of a filled stomach even without eating a regular diet.

The research conducted studied the effects of yerba mate on weight loss and other obesity related issues. It also evaluated the regulation of adipose tissue gene in obese mice.

The experiments were conducted on thirty mice. The mice were divided into three groups. They were fed standard or high fat diet. Eight weeks after, mice were put on yerba mate and plasma concentrations of total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, triglyceride, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, and glucose in their bodies were evaluated.

It was found that those put on yerba mate showed a reduction in weight, adiposity, and restoration of the serum levels of cholesterol and glucose.

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